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Clouds in Sky


During the years when I was unable to participate in academic life, I often focused on poetry.  I had some marvelous support in that endeavor as a MacDowell Fellow, and a Vermont Studio Center fellow.  Click the link to read "Waltz for Mind and Body".


In 2014 I completed a full length memoir that pieces together snapshots my own medical journey with the sarcastic, idiosyncratic humor that apparently made it possible for me to get through it.  Though the first three chapters of this book made the finals for the Santa Fe Writers Project Literary Award (competing with fiction!), I made the difficult decision not to pursue publication until my academic work has made some progress.  My early nonfiction efforts were supported with grants from the Saltonstall Foundation and the Vogelstein Foundation. 


I am a relentless writer of essays.  Most of these concern the mind and its relation to the natural world.  These are unpublished.

"A profoundly complex concatenation of factors developed, and coalesced, in precisely the manner required to create this circumstance - and this is the case for every circumstance, great and small, without exception.  In this way the world is continually infused with perfection, with goodness."

Yours Truly

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